Alleluia: Music, Prayers and Dances of the Fourth Way

A Demonstration of Ancient & Contemporary Methods of Remembrance in Movement and Music

A demonstration of rarely seen movements and music. From contemplative moving meditations to fiercely energetic dances, these movements spring from living sources of ancient traditions, both East and West. The program includes extraordinary forms of dancing meditations as well as a selection of treasured movements from the Gurdjieff legacy, carried forward to these times both as moving prayers and as a unique practice invigorating the inner striving to know oneself and cultivating the integration of body, heart, and mind.”

Sacred Dance and Movements – From developmental training to ritual and prayer in motion. The movement work that we do builds on our sitting meditations and is practiced by all ages. A child may begin when they wish to participate and is able to maintain the disciplines of the class. Our elder members who are currently in their 60's also practice fully. This training begins with an extremely rigorous foundation in moving meditations; centering, balance, sensing and breath awareness, energy economy, relaxation, strength, endurance through full body extension and articulations. After this first stage is well underway, classes begin to incorporate more complex movement patterns that challenge and cultivate the human capacity for developing directed attention and directing the bodily movement in sophisticated synchronous or polyrythmic patterns. These efforts simultaneously help establish stamina and the capacity for sustained efforts at heightened awareness, higher consciousness, invocational ritual and prayer. With diligent effort, these developing skills increase the capacity to appreciate the mysterious knowledge encoded within the dances and the accompanying music.

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