Earthship Constitutional Principles

LIFE IS MOST PRECIOUS - Each cell in a body is part of the whole body. In the same way, every living being on earth lives by giving and receiving within the living planetary body. Every and all lives and all of their diverse possibilities, fates and destinies are interwoven in the living fabric of life on this planet.

Corollary #1 - Limitations on Life Destructive Activities - The physical cycles of life and death in nature self-regulate elegantly. We as human beings must be as responsible for keeping the creative and destructive effects of our activities in harmony with the whole of life.

Corollary #2 - Species Modesty - The human species must work to re-establish its populations at a sustainable level, without the careless or excessive suppression or extinction of other life forms.

Corollary #3 - Species Diversity - The human population must be supportive of the naturally occurring, harmonious genetic diversity.

CAUSE AND EFFECT, The Law of Return, Karma, - What you put out comes back. What goes round comes round. For every action, there is an equal but opposite reaction. Each individual, cluster, population, corporation, species, must achieve a balanced creative and sustainable symbiosis within a recognised ecological "horizon". Within this defined perimeter, output and inputs over time, must reliably balance and result in no net loss of biomass of life supportive environment.

HUMAN PURPOSE - Human Beings have a job, a role, a part to play, a purpose, real work, a raison d'etre within the evolutionary destiny/design unfolding on Earth. It is not the destruction of the living biosphere. Creative survival of a genetically diverse and creatively capable population of human beings is still a desireable objective.

ENERGY FREEDOM - Non renewable forms of energy are not viable energy sources, and can not be included in a long term, sustainable culture.

LIBERATED ECONOMICS - If any system of economics, or value trading system, has become corrupted by debit extensions or balance sheet charades, all subsystems invested in its currency, will eventually participate in its rebalancing or collapse.

Corollary #1 - Mutual Freedom - Those on whom your economic livelihood depends, should share an appropriate or equivalent level of economic freedom from the 20th century economic system as you do.

PROCREATIVE FAMILY - is the fundamental cradle for the genesis of culture. Family cultures are the components of village culture. Quintessential culture is the essential relationship dynamic between marriage partners and Source.

BIOREGIONAL ABUNDANCE AND BALANCE - All primary necessities for fulfilling an honorable human life (food, clothing shelter, medicine, mobility) should be developed to necessary levels to support the ethical bioregional population.

YOUNG CHILDREN AND ELDERS - must have an honoured and influencial place in human culture. The benefits of priceless wisdom depends on it. The astute recognition, evaluation and regulation of short term ego desires and involvements depends on it.

STANDARDS OF LEADERSHIP - SECULAR & SACRED - an unconscious or careless populace gets what's coming to it. For a new culture to survive and properly discharge its sacred obligation to the living planet, its originators must implement an effective method of ensuring that each generation of leadership fulfills its mandate without corruption, for the duration or 'designed lifetime' of the culture. Compassion, conscience, common sense, essential integrity, humility, strength, stamina, intuition, intelligence, vision, reason, righteousness, wisdom, will power, are some of the necessary attributes found within the core models and leadership of successful and enduring human societies.

EDUCATION - to fulfill its covenant, a culture must achieve the effective education of each successive generation of youngers, for them to be able to meet and overcome the challenges they will have to face.


  • THE PRESENT & BEYOND - PREDICTION, PROPHECY AND PRACTICAL PREPARATIONS - What is a realistic, comprehensive and impartial forecast for the next 2-20 years and its direct impact on life here - (wherever you are)?


  • PURIFICATION - Of what? Why? What works? How much is best? Who really knows?

  • WEALTH AND FRUGALITY - MODELS OF BALANCE, SUCCESS & FULFILLMENT What is success ? How much of what is necessary? What is abundance? What is wealth? Who needs it and for what purpose? What is civilization or 'high culture'?

  • SPIRITUAL WISDOM, INVISIBLE GUIDES, DISCERNMENT & SELF RELIANT COMMUNITYSHIP - Who really understands what? How is proof possible? What's wisdom? Who's got it? What does it cost? How is wisdom accessed by the not yet wise? How can ignorance be overcome by a middle aged leadership? How can wisdom be spread around a circle of consensus?

  • POWER, WISDOM & RESPONSIBLE SERVICE - What is power in human affairs? How is it acquired, how is it fused to wisdom? When, where and by whom is it appropriately used?

  • EDUCATION - What's real, what's relevant?

  • VALUE ADDED CULTURE & THE VIABLE VILLAGE - What is quality and value? What primary aspects must be included in the viable village?

  • SPIRIT & "DIVINE" SCIENCE - Lessons from the ancients and contemporary realities. How can technology be held in service to Destiny?

  • LAND & LEGALITIES - Defining, administrating and defending the covenant with the living earth.

  • AGRICULTURE & FOOD - Appropriateness, Diversity, Ethics, Consciousness

Participation is Invited from: Swami, Rinpoche, Roshi, Yogi, Dervish, Monk, Nun, Priest Rabbi Shaikh, Baba, Elders, Medicine Carriers, Ecovillages, Intentional Communities, Retreat Centers, Ashrams, Monasteries, Farmers, Healers, Midwives, Teachers, Leaders, Organizers, Networkers, Diplomats, Scholars, Musicians, Artists, Craftspersons, Entrepreneurs, Advocates, Co-ops, Corporations, Churches, Partnerships, Land Trusts


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