i am
the voidness of the void
infinite, eternal, and uncreated.
there is no other.
i am the bornless one.
all phenomena is illusion,
no one thing more than another.
neither attracted nor repelled,
not making any sudden moves
my habits will carry me through.
- book of the dead
he who is in the sun,
and in the fire and in the
heart of man is one.
he who knows this
is one with the one.
-the upanishads
take time
to listen to what is
said without words
to obey the law
too subtle to be written,
to worship the unnameable,
and to embrace the unformed.
- lao-tzu
jesus said to him,
love the lord your god
with all your heart
and all your soul
and with all your might
and with all your mind.
this is the greatest
and the first commandment.
and the second is like to it.
love your neighbour as yourself.
- matthew 22, verse 37-39

i am

covenants with creation

absolute attention is prayer
present, impartial; in simplicity, in stillness, in silence, in wonder,
in recognition, in awe, in truth, in love

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