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Who are we?

We are a small group of spiritual practitioners who have worked and travelled together for most of 30 years. Our practices include meditation, individual self study, group work, creative arts as spiritual process, music and songs, prayer, sacred dances, sacred spaces and geometrics, “Earthship” consciousness (all life is sacred), permaculture/natural agriculture, and special methods for spiritual relations, family life and home education.

What we offer

We are happy to share some of our music, songs and dances with other dedicated spiritual practitioners. The benefits of mutual spiritual invigoration are available to all spiritually oriented people who participate with concentration and an open heart and mind. The programs we offer include: Alleluia: Dances of the Fourth Way Dervishes, an evening program of sacred dance; Village Dance (also titled Get Up and Dance), a informal, participatory community event with live music played by a 6-piece family band and lively traditional dancing -- fun for all ages;  and Along The Way – a concert of original “spirit folk songs.”

Alleluia event posterAlleluia: Dances of the Fourth Way Dervishes

A Demonstration of Ancient & Contemporary Methods of Remembrance in Movement and Music

From contemplative moving meditations to fiercely energetic dervish dances, these movements spring from living sources of ancient traditions, both East and West. The program includes a selection of treasured movements from the Gurdjieff legacy, carried forward to these times both as moving prayers and as an unique practice invigorating the inner striving to know one's self and cultivating the integration of body, heart, and mind.

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Get up and Dance event poster thumbnailGet Up and Dance !

A Village Dance with Family, Friends and Neighbours -- A Lively and Cheerful Celebration of Life and the Gift of One's Community.

An evening of traditional fun, fiddling and folk dancing with guarranteed fun and hilarity for everyone of all ages! A six piece family band playing up-beat and lively Canadian and Celtic music on violins, mandolin, accordion and guitar. The simple moves are demonstrated before each dance and a "caller" announces each move as the dance progresses. Liberated from daily concerns and full of spontaneous levity, these light hearted events help renew and strengthen community. Village Dance is a great way to make merry with your friends and neighbours!

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Along The Way event poster thumbnailAlong The Way

An Informal Concert Of Original Simple Spirit Folk Songs
On the Gifts, Challenges, Insights and Revelations of Inner Spiritual Effort

What can happen when determinedly asking the simplest of questions – "Who am I?" – "Why am I here?" – "What's the point?" – without giving up on discovering the really real answers? Life can turn upside down and inside out! With a lot of hard work and plenty of good luck, one might find oneself in a lifestyle some people call "The Path" or "The Way" or "The Work."   Along The Way is an informal concert of original songs gathered from the musical journals of a small group of determined and lucky traveling companions.  Rustic, acoustic and still partly improvised, these unembellished musical reflections are offered not so much as entertainment, but as amusement and encouragement for other travelers and friends "Along The Way." 

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