Walk in the Light at Inspire Studio

Inspire Studio
1411 Cornwall Ave #201
Bellingham, USA
Sunday, Jan 17th, 2016 at 7:30
By donation

A Prayerful Celebration in

Music, Movement and Meditation

To allow, and encourage the heartfelt reverence of people from many pathways to join in prayer, for humanity, for all life, for planet Earth, and for all of Creation.

Presented by The Solaris Project

On our musical travels, we have participated in many different spiritual events and services, sharing the Solaris repertoire with adherents of many faiths; Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, Sufis, New Thought practitioners, Pagans and agnostics, to name a few. Regardless of the differing religious contexts, we have repeatedly witnessed profound heartfelt recognition.

We have also participated in a variety of interfaith services. Each of these events was assembled from pieces of religious ritual performed by a Priest, Pastor, Rabbi, Imam, Roshi, Medicine Carrier, or ceremonial leader of the religious tradition from which it came. These services offered an experience of each tradition's prayers, and demonstrated the leadership's mutual recognition and commitment to the reality of interfaith harmony. The sincerity, tolerance and willingness to encompass spiritual diversity by both the ordained and the laity was impressive.

These events gave an inspiring glimpse at what could be possible: a simple, sincere, joyful, enthusiastic, artful and reverential service / ceremony / celebration that is at once inclusive, whole and mystically invigorating. Compatible with many faiths, consistent with the basic teachings on human conduct that all faiths share and inviting to the Spirit that moves within all things and within all faiths.

Join us on Sunday and participate in this inaugural effort to realize this possibility.