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Mother is Here - Robert Francis
MP3 download of the song Mother is Here by Robert Francis (Songs of Mothership recording from 1987 featuring synthesizer).
Shooting Starlight - Solaris
MP3 download of the song Shooting Starlight by Solaris (Barn Studio Version recording from 2013 with vocals, piano and bass fiddle). , One of those awesome nights, laying in the grass, with a heart-full of delight, seeing shooting star-light, Mother...
Mama Earth - Solaris
MP3 download of the song Mama Earth by Solaris (Live on Cortes Island recording from 2016 with vocals, guitar, percussion, djembe, keyboard, bass and mandoline). , Oh Mama, hey Mama Mama, Oh Mama, blessed Mama Earth, Oh Mama, hey Mama Mama, Oh Mama,...

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