The Creative Culture Guide

The Creative Culture Guide

An Urgent and Audacious Vision

Millions of people are waking up to the fact that today's destructive industrialized culture cannot go on. Humanity urgently needs to come into harmony with life on Earth.

The problems we face can be overwhelming, but at the same time — solutions abound.

For every crisis facing humanity there are dedicated and inspired people indefatigably pioneering creative alternatives.

What if we could create a platform that would pull together all these solutions into one place and make them accessible to the entire population of the planet?

The Creative Culture Guide

An Open Platform for Community-Sourced Wisdom

The Guide is built on an intuitive collaboration platform where everything is expandable, open source, and editable by anyone.

Our dedicated team of volunteers has already gathered more than 1400 resources from around the globe making The Guide a solid tool for sustainability education.

But this is only the beginning.

The Beautifully Interconnected Creative Culture Guide

Beautifully Interconnected Information

The situation on Earth is too complex for two dimensional solutions. The information in the Creative Culture Guide is interconnected in a dynamic network of 1400 unique connections, illuminating the intricate network of opportunities and solutions in an artfully explorable mandala.

The Compendious and Unbiased Creative Culture Guide

A Compendious and Unbiased Resource

Focusing on alternatives rather than focusing on problems, the purpose of the guide is to be a concise and complete overview of best practices in all areas of sustainable living providing a comprehensive road map for regenerative culture.

The Global and Local Creative Culture Guide

Global Vision — Local Action

Universal principles of right living provide a framework for grassroots, on-the-ground resources. Local sustainability luminaries and enthusiasts curate resources and networks in their own regions.

The Creative Culture Guide

Postmodern Technology from the Ground Up

Under the hood is a labour of love that combines cutting edge tech with heart centric thinking to create unique flexible and non-hierarchical information architecture.

Computing is used for what it's good for: storing, organizing, extrapolating and collecting information, leaving us humans free to focus on what we're good at: creativity.




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