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The purpose of this site is to offer our take on what is most relevant or of interest,

some "good enough to share" materials or things we produce,

and a way to get in contact with others who find these things worthwhile.
We are not much interested in recruitment so don't worry about being pitched to buy, join or participate in something you're not asking for.

Someone on this side of the website interface thought it best to include some explanation of who's doing this - so here's what they came up with:


similar but not

a flock, herd, tribe, school,

not birds not buffaloes not monkeys not fishes

but similar

each recognizing each

choosing to group with others of the same intent

independent, individually choosing

vigorous and determined inner effort

to swim together

with congruent aims and aspirations

striving forward towards awakening

as individuals, as a group

principles and standards in common

upstream away from comfort, away from personal desires, against the habits of sleep

in the same direction

sensitized to the same gravitational pull

choreographed in synchronous harmony

by recognition of simple Truths and invisible Love of the Work

gifted with teachings and guidance

inspired by guileless innocence and potent wisdom

newborns, children, teens, renunciant singles, dedicated householders, experienced elders

striving upstream towards the same destination

common threads of daily inner efforts, self study, self knowledge, transformation of negative emotions,

three centered integration, virtuous intent, right action

not a church, though prayer and reverence happen daily

not activists, but actively studying the true nature of the game and the current state of the planet

not “Hippies” but hip to right livelihood and an ethically sound and sustainable existence

not devotees, but very devoted

music, movement, meditation, artfulness in many media, satire, soccer, and sailing

homesteading, homeschooling and hard physical work

over time, new faces, new places, activities change and adapt

the core remains the same.



If you need to know more, feel free to investigate how to access to the members only content...

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