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This page is here to let you know what information we collect about visitors to As you may have noticed, most web site Privacy Policies are long, impenetrable and boring tomes, filled with language that seems more intended to satisfy lawyers than inform visitors. They are often so obscure, it's impossible to tell what the company will or won't do with your information. In effect, they turn the idea of a privacy policy on its head: they keep the company's policy private.

This Privacy Policy is different. It is fairly short, and written in sane English. If anything in here doesn't make sense, or if you have questions about it, please send us a message. We'll be happy to answer your questions.


What information might be collected


Automatic records

By and large, we know very little about anyone who simply visits this site. Our web server automatically records general things about visitors to the site (this is done automatically by most web hosts). These things include the visitor IP, what web browser and operating system they're using, and in some cases what site referred them to our website, and what pages they load.

Web analytics

In order to understand and improve how our site serves visitors we use the open source web analytics tool Matomo to view statistics about how people use the site. It collects similar data to the things collected by the server log but offers an easier way for us to see the information. Matomo also records information about which songs and vidoes get played. If you are signed in with your account or are accessing subscriber-only content, your email address is sometimes included with this data. If you would rather not be included in our analytics we have provided the opt-out form below to disable it.

Opt-out of Analytics

Other information

Other than the generic information mentioned above, we only collect information visitors give us intentionally. For example, we have a list of people who have signed up to get news and updates from Sunship. There's a form on the right sidebar of the home page where visitors can put in their email address if they want to be notified of future events and the like. If you've signed up already and would like to be removed from the list, just send us an email through the contact page and we'll remove your name and email address.

We also collect information when you make purchases through the web site's secure ordering system. All the information that goes along with a purchase (name and address, email, phone, credit card info, etc.) is transmitted over a secure connection known as SSL (this is indicated by the "https:" at the beginning of the address, and the padlock icon in your browser). SSL means that your info is put into a very complex computer-generated code before it's sent over the internet from your computer to our web host.


Information sharing

We do not generally share any information about our customers and visitors with third parties. We may occasionally use the contact information collected on to let people know about projects that are related to Sunship Productions and done by the same people who operate, but not undertaken by Sunship Productions specifically. In addition, there is always the possibility that we'll be required to hand over some information to a law enforcement agency of some kind.


Viewing, changing or deleting your information

If you'd like to know what information we might have about you, just send us a message through our contact page. If there are any errors in the information we would be happy to correct them at your request, or if you'd like your information to be deleted from our records, we can do that too.


Specific for the Awakeneers App

In addition to the above the Awakeneers Music App uses Google Firebase to send app notifications. Firebase collects information about apps being registered for push notifications.



Some of our videos are delivered using Youtube. YouTube has its own privacy policy and terms of service which can be found at:


Changes to this policy

This policy might change from time to time. We'll update this page when it does.

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