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Awakeneers: The Album

Awakeneers - CD

A nomadic tribe of multi-instrumentalist songwriters (most of whom are siblings) the Awakeneers offer a genre-bending blend of acoustic positivity that orbits elliptically around the idea of folk music.

Segueing from a celtic fiddle-ballad to a piano-pop guide to mindfulness, or a meditative love song to Mother Earth, the music centres around honest vocals with rich harmonies and diverse acoustic instrumentation.

Awakeneers’ music shines a light on life's big questions, celebrating the goodness of humanity and the miracle of Life on Earth,

Upcoming Sunship Events

Mar 15th
Awakeneers Concert The Nanaimo Folk Connection,
Nanaimo BC
Mar 16th
Awakeneers Matinee Concert CR Arts Council Cottage,
Campbell River BC
Mar 30th
Awakeneers Contra Dance Mansons Hall,
Cortes Island BC
Apr 20th
Peace on Earth Day Concert Miracle Beach Amphitheatre,
Black Creek BC
Apr 21st
Awakeneers Matinee Concert CR Arts Council Cottage,
Campbell River BC
Apr 27th
Peace on Earthday Concert Unitarian Church of Vancouver,
Vancouver BC
May 18th
Awakeneers Matinee Concert CR Arts Council Cottage,
Campbell River BC
Jun 29th
Alchemy of Gathering Festival Kitty Coleman Gardens,
Courtenay BC

Bells of Kindness

Covering a range of genres from meditative folk-ballads to hip-hop, Bells of Kindness is the first full length Solaris studio album. With a solid and unique folk-rock sound, the album puts powerful vocal harmonies behind lyrics that are insightful, healing, courageous, and quite often funny.

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Order the CD: $14.50
Buy the MP3's: $9.99

Sit Illustrated

Sit Illustrated

The worlds first, and only, meditation cartoon book. An anthology of over 100 amusing illustrations from the meditators experience.
Out of the Woods - first studio album from The Merry McKentys

Merry McKentys CD

15 Sweet and lively traditional tunes played on piano, mandolin, guitar and three fiddles.