Sit Illustrated

Sit Illustrated
meditation cartoon book

So, What's funny about meditation?

Once upon a time, not very long ago, in a land not renowned for its meditative traditions, a small group of spiritual aspirants began learning to “sit” or “meditate”.

Although sitting is reputed to have multiple benefits, being funny is not usually mentioned as one of them. Perhaps this is just an oversight.

how not to meditate.

Simply sitting still and trying to manage one’s flow of attention can be quite humbling, and if modest amounts of private humiliation can be considered good clean fun, the drawings in this book show that the benefits of sitting are accompanied by many special opportunities for good clean fun.


"everything I've ever experienced while trying to meditate!" - Ed Marquand

Wow Cool

Each sketch in this collection was drawn from the illustrator’s personal sitting experience, and at some point it may occur to you that meditators are not inherently graphic artists. On this you are probably correct and we would only suggest that, as with hand crafted fabrics, diverse thread size and the occasional twig can all be appreciated as part of the unfiltered natural authenticity.

Sweet Dreams

Whether you are a meditator or not, if you find these sketches amusing, that would be very good, and if you are encouraged to sit—well, that would be extra very good!


  • The Train of Thought
  • Meditating in Public Places. (Not always relaxing!)
  • The Regions of a Meditator's Brain
  • Do I Still Exist?
  • Meditating with Ants
  • Enlightenment Must Be Imminent…
  • Peace, Love, Harmony, Zzzz…
  • Self Awareness and The Beeping Watch
  • Ouch. That was a really good meditation
  • Intent to Meditate
  • Meditating With Mosquitos
  • Awakening and Other Thoughts
  • The Minds Great Accomplishment
  • Wow. Cool.
  • A Busy Day In The Brain
  • Are You Feeling Gloomy?
  • The 10 Second Pause
  • Did I remember to loosen my belt?
  • Dude is my leg still there?
  • Remembering To Use A Reminder
  • Awareness of DOG!!!
  • Awareness of Insect Meditation
  • The Optimist
  • Meditation Golf
  • Different Sizes of Meditation
  • The Enlightenment Simulator
  • Meditation on Excruciating Ear Temperatures
  • Runaway Brain

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