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Meditation book - Sit Illustrated Sit Illustrated - So, what's funny about meditation?
Illustrations by a group of meditators, this is the world's first (and only) meditation cartoon book. Over 100 insightful and humorous illustrations of the amusing paradoxes of meditation from falling asleep, to beginning adventures in astral travel.


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Simple and elegant mindfulness bell & meditation timer — made by meditators for meditators.

  • Beautiful high-quality audio from real meditation bells
  • Silent, vibrate-only, stealth mode mindfullness
  • Optional repeating interval-timer bell
  • Simple ad-free interface

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Sunship Evensong Sunship Evensong
Endless winds, temples of light, the sunset of an ancient marriage of spirit & stone.    More Info >>>

In Stillness In Stillness
Deep ocean - deep stillness    More Info >>>

 the Wow cool meditation.

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