Beauty of the West - lyrics and chords

Every [F]time I can I make a pilgrimage
[Bb]to the height of [C]land
and [F]look out across the sea
to [C]where the mountains [Bb]stand

When the [F]landscape before my eyes
puts [Bb]Bierstadt to [C]shame
[F]it can be hard for me
not to [C]add drops to the [Bb]rain

[F]Ooh [Bb]ooh the beauty of the [F]west
It takes my breath a[C]way …
and gives it [Gm]back, re[Bb]freshed
[F]Ooh [Bb]ooh the beauty of the [F]west
The beau[C]ty of [Gm]life after [Bb]death

[F]O [Bb]o [F]o [C]ooo [Bb]o [F]o [Bb]o… [F]o…

A [F]few lonely trees
stand on the [Bb]cutblock on the [C]ridge
[F]_ telling [C]me
“Don’t take us for [Bb]granted”

I [F]sense many before
have [Bb]stood right where I [C]stand
[F]come to spend some time
with the [C]spirit of the [Bb]mountain



[F]Something in the air
[Bb]gives me courage of [C]heights
[F]many things are possible
[C]in the golden [Bb]light

Could I [F]spread my wings and soar
like the [Bb]eagle above [C]me
fly [F]to the home of the brave
and the [C]land of the [Bb]free


Ooh ooh the beauty of the west
It takes my breath away
and gives it back, refreshed
Ooh ooh the beauty of the west
The beauty
... of the west

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