Breathe - lyrics and chords


Every [Dm]breath is a blessing
And the rest is window dressing
If I'm [C]pressed and stressing
I can test this lesson

With [Dm]attention to my breathing
I find that it's relieving
If I [C]leave off believing
That I need to be receiving

[Dm]Phone calls from the past
Telling me that it's too late
Or that I'm [C]sitting on my ___
And I need to get irate

[D]Let me get this straight
Getting blue and irate
Is a [C]self-defeating state

So I [Dm]hang up the phone
And I take a deep breath
I [C]feel the fresh air
That's filling up my chest

I give [Dm]thanks for the life
With which I've been blessed
And I [C]remember in this moment
To do my very best

And I [G]breathe [F]Gratefully
And I [G]know right now
That I'm [F]really truly free

And I [G]bre-eathe [F]Here I be
Giving [G]thanks for the breath
That's [F]breathing in me
Giving [G]   thanks for the breath
That's [F]   breathing in me

There are certain times
When I've got a lot of tension
If I've done something dumb
Or I'm the center of attention

Being with another humans
Can be a bit intense
Can get a knot in my stomach
And I stop making sense

If I know your name is Jane
I may call you Jake instead
May make a dumb mistake
And feel like standing on my head

No place to escape
And my face is turning red
Getting even more tense
What was that I just said??

My body's doing its part
It's what it thinks is best
Getting ready for action
Like it was the wild west

Like I'm out on the savanna
And there's danger everywhere
And the situation's bad
And I oughtta be scared

But this ain't the Serengeti
It's just you and me
Talking over coffee
Kinda awkwardly

There ain't no real danger
Whatever you just said
Just ancient reflexes
Messing with my head

So I breathe deep
Get here and now
Feel the earth beneath my feet
Unfurrow my brow

Give thanks for these nerves
That keep me on my toes
And focus on the present
What's in front of my nose


Unless I'm mistaken
This blest' world's shakin'
It's pressed to breakin'
By the mess people makin'

It's fried like bacon
we're lied to by fakin'
Guys who're makin'
So much cash they are rakin'

It in on this crash
Haven't learned from the past
It's a car crashing fast
With a foot on the gas

This mess and disaster
Could stress a zen master
And stress comes faster
If the truth I'm after

The more that I'm aware of
The more I can be scared of
The more that I care of
The more I can despair of

Long I have known this
And I've been shown this
But I still notice
If I think and bemoan this

I can sink in a snow drift
Then I can get miffed
And my blood pressure lifts
I forget life's a gift

There's tension in my gut
'Bout all that's going wrong
'Bout those who are weak
Gettin' beat by the strong

All the cheating, competing
There is smoke in the air
There's despair, it's unfair
How did we get there?

I'm a friend of this earth
And all that lives upon it
It's the place of my birth
I won't give up on it

Cus' I know there's a way
To help this place
But I know I won't find it
With a frown on my face

Yes anger won't right it
And tension is waste
If I wanna do good
Then I gotta make space

Let my heart be open
To the whole human race
And all that is living
In this beautiful place

Open up, step it up
Lift up my face
Cheer it up, wake it up
Be a cup for grace

Know I'm blessed, do my best
With each breathe that I breathe
Do my part, be smart
My heart, set it free


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