Celestial Sphere - lyrics and chords

[C]Standing [G]on the [Am]Earth, [F]   [C]this Celestial [G]Sphere
[G7]Whirling [Am]round and [F]round [C]with its [C]atmosph[G]ere

[C]Standing, I [F]know I am [G]part of the [C]flow
[F]As we hurtle through [G]space
The [C]whole human [F]race living [G]on the [C]face
Of [F]this terr[G]estrial [C]place

Instrumental Verse

I stand on the skin of a living sphere
Interconnected life forms everywhere


A dot in the galaxy as we circle the Sun
Pouring forth its radiance for every one

Instrumental Verse

A dot in the galaxy
As we circle the Sun
Which pours forth its radiance
Onto each every one

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