Could It Be - lyrics and chords

Capo 9th fret
In the [F]beauty of the morning, in a tranquil [C]state
As I [F]sit in stillness to medi[C]tate,
I dis[G]cover once a[F]gain, hm[C]m[G]m, a [F]taste of [G]earthly hea[C]ven

Could it [C]be, that there's a [G]stairway to heaven in the back of my brain
and the [F]source of my attention is actually the same
as the [C]one from which I [G]come shining like the [F]sun, hm[C]m[G]m
[F]Where my [G]attention's coming [C]from

Could it [C]be, that I'm a [G]far flung speck in the cosmic dot-to-dot
but conn[F]ect that line and what've I got
Could it [C]be, could it [G]be, maybe some [F]moments just come ea[C]sy

[C]Could I live [F]like a doorway, [G]God's love shining [C]through
Slowly [C]lift that veil one [F]day at time, betw[G]een myself and the [C]Great Divine
And [F]leave that doorway o[C]pen, [F]keep my mind listen[C]ing
to the [G]one, shining like the [F]sun, hm[C]m[G]m, [F]where my [G]attention's coming [C]from

Could it be, like colours of the rainbow we are all unique,
but the source from which we come, the light of which I speak
is the same, known by many names, one and the same

Could it be there are billions of us humans and a zillion plants and trees
countless precious creatures and the ever blowing breeze
Could it be, that we're all just particles in the body of the one, hmmm


Could it be, if I was totally relaxed where would I be
perhaps I would find I was bouncing on God's knee
Could it be, could it be, maybe some moments just come,easy

Could it be, immersed in light and infused with love
harmonious communion within, around and above
Could it be actually, could it really be


Repeat verse #1 (stairway to heaven)

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