Every Piece - lyrics and chords

Capo 2nd fret
[C]The world's full of people
And they're all related to me
I've got several million relatives
In every country

[G]We are all descendants
And extended family
All the plants and the animals
And all humani[C]ty

[C]I'm a brother to the birds
And a cousin to the trees
I'm an uncle to the oceans
And the fishes in the seas

[G]Since we're all related
I have got no enemies
From the greedy politicians
To the sea anemon[C]es

[C]Every piece of this world
Is a part of the [G]whole
Every [C]thing that I [G]see
[G]Is conn[C]ected [C4]to [C]me

[C]What I give [G]you
Is a [C]gift to me [G]too
It is [C]all one [G]life
All the way [C]through

The air that I breathe
Was old before my birth
And my heart is made of minerals
I've borrowed from the earth

This body of mine's
Like a second-hand car
All the parts it is made of
Are dust from the stars

The food that I eat
Was recycled from poo
That's been around the world
Could have been part of you

Within what is in
And what is outside my skin
There's no place where I just end
And outer space just begins


Some parts of physics
Talk of non-locality
And mystical religions
Talk of universality

Some people will tell you
That it's non-duality
And whatever it is you see
It's not reality

But even if you're stuck
In the mindset of matter
The fact you got a mind
Means that even minds matter

You'd be hard pressed to find
That mind inside matter
This material design's
Not a meaning-making mind

By mind I mean
That awareness that you're being
That's awake when you're looking
And that's looking when you're seeing

The dreamer who is dreaming
And the one who's scheming
'Bout how to find the one that makes
Anything have meaning

But it's all a bit of a joke
Because the further that you poke
In the armpit of the universe
With a big telescope
By stilling your mind
Or with a particle exploder
The more what you find
Is your own body odour


Every cell in this body
Is its own organism
It could have its own beliefs
Or even cellular religion

But from way out here
With the whole-body vision
I can see that each cell
Is a part of the mission

What if I'm a cell
In something much bigger
Like a tiny little nerve
In a really big finger

It's a matter of awareness
And a matter of scale
Each whole is a part
Each part is a whole

If I was a whale
Would I really be aware
Of a tiny little hair
Growing out of my tail?

If I was the hair
Would I know that the tail
Was only really there
As a part of a whale?

If I can start to see
What is bigger than me
That I am part of Life
And Life is part of me

Then all that I see
I can look on gratefully
And I can do my part
And live in harmony


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