Grateful To Be - lyrics and chords

[A]Grateful [D]for the [A]Teaching
[A]Grateful [D]for the Work
[A]Grateful for dis[E]cernment
to know what it's [A]worth

[A]Grateful for [D]righteous [A]living
and the [D]Golden [A]Rule
[A]Grateful for Di[E]vine Folly
and the Way of the [A]Fool

[A]Sing [D]Alle[A]luia, [D]grateful to [A]be
Sing [D]Alle[A]luia, so [E]grateful to [A]be

Grateful for challenge
and necessity
Grateful for service
Purpose and awakening

Grateful for conscience
Being growth and inner change
Grateful for Namaste
and the Spirit that moves in all things


[B]In being grateful my [E]heart is set free
[D]to live a life of virtue and [A]integrity


Grateful for the Present
and dynamic synergy
Grateful for intersecting octaves
and cycles evolving

Grateful for life precious
and companions on the Way
Grateful to do my best
on this perfect day

Chorus: x2

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