I Am Happy - lyrics and chords

[C]I am [Am]happy [F]where I [G]am
[C]Bec[Am]ause it's [F]where I [G]am
[C]I [Am]figure it's a [F]good [G]plan
'Cause then [C]wherever I [Am]go
[F]Th[G]ere I [C]am[Am]        [F]        [G]        [C]  

[F]I am ins[G]ide of my [C]very own fine [F]ride
[F]Space and [G]time can be a [C]matter of [F]mind

I am happy doing what I am doing
'Cause it's what I am doing
Happy doing is more fun
For the doer and the done

Goodness grows goodness
The fruit of labour sun kissed

I am happy that I am
Just because I am
Simply being is so grand
Grateful I am to no end

In song and dance
In stillness and silence

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