Move - lyrics and chords


[D]like one who [A]knows
[D]like you're over your [A]woes
and [E]feel how your [D]body flows
in the [E]groove follow [D]where it goes
when you [A]move...

you can [D]choose [A]choose [E]choose
how you [A]move...
you can [D]lose [A]lose [E]lose
the [F#m]        [E]blues
when you [D]move in the [A]groove

[Fm]   use your step to get you
in[D]to the mind[E]set
[Fm]that let's you get through
each [D]challenge as it's [E]met
[A]Step it up, [D]woah
[A]Head up, [E]Yo
[A]Step it up [D]so
you can [E]get into the [A]flow

[D]find the right [A]gait
for the you you create
it will make
a [E]difference to your state

I can change how I see
by [A]moving soft[B]ly
I can [E]break [B]free
by [D]moving like the [A]breeze

like one who knows
like I'm over my woes
and I feel how my body flows
in the groove follow where it goes
when I move...

I choose choose choose
how I move...
I can lose lose lose
the blues
when I move in the groove


try on a walk like I chose
my pair of clothes
I can find what kind of thought goes
with this pose

when I take a stand
with feet firm on the land
it gives me strength to withstand
the unplanned


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