Sacred Surf - lyrics and chords

Capo 7th fret
[G]Cruisin' down the [C]winding road
[D]heading west to[G]Tofino

I was not [G]expecting a [C]mystical connection
to the [D]people or the place or the [G]sea

[D]I was lookin' for a p[C]lace to make a bookin'
for a [D]concert in that small town by the [G]sea

[D]Checkin' out the town
hav[C]in' a look around
s[D]eein' if the perfect spot
could be [G]found

[D]Tears stream [C]down my face
I've [D]never been so [C]touched by a place

I came [D]lookin' for a [C]place to sing
and I [D]left with the place singin' in [G]me

[G]Sacred Surf
[C]Ancient Trees
[D]Mist and Rain and the [G]Untamed Sea

But it's [D]like a whale singing [C]in my heart
[D]callin' out to [G]me

I felt like I had to gather some friends and
bring them there to see

Bright eyes and good hearts
some people chose this place for a reason

Not an easy place to live
there are some things that you gotta give

Tourists in the summer, long quiet winters
and whole lotta' rain

Maybe it's the magic of this place
why the people came


I live on the most beautiful island
that I have ever seen
half the people, twice the sun
almost as far from everything

Still this place, it got to me
like no place I've ever been

Sacred Surf sings in my heart
calling out to me


Sacred Surf
Ancient Trees
Mist and Rain and the Untamed Sea

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