Shooting Starlight - lyrics and chords

[G]One of those [A]awesome [D]nights
[A]laying in the grass
with a [D]heart-full of [G]delight
seeing shooting [A]star-[D]light [A]  

[G]Mother Earth is [A]mighty kind
when a [Em]stone falls from the [D]sky
She [A]takes it
and she makes a fire[G]fly
[C]        [G]  
[A]So I'm [D]smiling at the [G]sky
as the [Em]stars go [A]by
And it's a [D]good [A]night to [G]be alive, yeah
I'm [D]so [A]glad to [G]Be
Yes, I'm [D]so [A]glad to [G]be alive to[D]night

Instrumental: A Bm G D A Bm A G


The Universe is mighty kind
when the sun goes away from here
Venus and Mars
and a million stars appear

And when the night turns to day
and all the stars go away
the Milky Way will stay
Yes I know it'll be okay
'cause up beyond the blue sky, is the Milky Way

Instrumental: A Bm G D A Bm A G

One of those awesome nights
laying in the grass
with a heart-full of delight
seeing shooting stars tonight

This place of birth, of yours and mine
when I let it, it blows my mind
You'd never find
another earth like mine

So I am smiling at the sky
as the stars go by
It's a good night to be alive yeah
I'm so glad to Be
Yes, I'm so glad to be alive tonight

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