So Worth Living - lyrics and chords

Life, is so worth living
(so worth living)
if you don't think so
time to do some forgivin'
(do some forgivin')
and learn to love living, again.

If [A]you feel boxed in by your pain
[D]you're being boxed in by your
own brain
So it's [A]time to reframe,
before brain games drive [D]you insane
restrain and refrain
from [D]all the brain games that
give you pain
(and) make you want to
[A]blame and complain
'Cause [D]misery is elective
but the mind is selective
So it's [A]time to get a grip
on that steering wheel
[D]Focusing on what IS real
and really [A]does matter to how I feel [D]  
[A]Life is not a gift to be endured
[D]life is beauty to be seen and heard
and [A]Love is not a problem
to be solved or secured
[A]love is God's glory in a four letter word
The [A]Truth is not a question
to wrestle or debate
the [D]Truth is what is let us illuminate
[A]Light's not just a laser or a sunny day
[D]Light is who you really are
if you can SEE it that way

We all suffer aches and pains
challenges that persist and hard days
We all struggle in this earthly game
health and hardship come and go
like sunshine and rain
Maybe faith
is not your favourite word
maybe you see yourself as a free bird

But life is gift from head to toe
better love it while it lasts
so when it's time you can let go


So I give thanks
when I rise and rest
and for each meal with which
I'm blessed
'Cause life is so worth living
a precious blessing
each day I'm given
So I rise up and size up
to the challenge and opportunity
of each day of livin'
('Cause) Life is more
than a lesson to be learned
and mistakes are not disasters
unless the lesson ain't learned


When life feels like an exercise
in challenge and pain
Maybe it's time to reconsider
how you're using your brain
Reframe, reframe
it's the name of the game
adjust how you calibrate and
emotionally calculate
all that comes to pass
Upgrade how you evaluate
and the blessings will make you gasp
it's a blast, you know,
and I'm not daft, just so,
delighted, to be livin', and givin'...again.


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