To the Sun - lyrics and chords

[D]Thanks to [G]the sun, [D]thank you for giving us [A]light
[D]Thanks to [G]the sun, [D]thank you for [A]shining on us [D]bright

[D]Oh, you [G]make me so cheerful [D]when in the [A]morn
[D]You are shining [G]through my window, [D]shining [A]bright and [D]warm

[D]The rain [G]and the clouds [D]they come and they [A]go
[D]But you [G]the sun, [D]   you are still [A]there I [D]know

One round instrumental: D G D A | D G D A D

[D]Oh the sun now [G]here is [D]a good [A]example
[D]Of one [G]who is [D]being in [A]service [D]ample

[D]Thanks to [G]the sun, [D]thanks to the [A]One
[D]Thanks to [G]the sun, [D]thank you [A]to the [D]One

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