What a Man Can Be - lyrics and chords

Chords written for guitar capoed on fifth fret.
[C]        [G]        [F]        [C]  
[C]If I was the sun I would [F]rise every [F]morning
And [C]shine on every [G]one
[C]If I was the [G]sky then I'd [F]hold that [C]sun

If I was the sea I would always know
Where to go, where to be
And if I was the shore then I'd hold that sea

[F]But I am [C]me, and I don't [C]know yet
what to [G]be
I am [Am]free, I can [F]be what I [C]can [G]  
I can [F]love what I [C]see
And I can [G]learn to underst[C]and [F]  
There are [C]many things
a [G]man can [C]be

[C]        [G]        [F]        [C]

If I was a bug I would do the things a bug does
I would just be a bug
If I was a snail, then I'd move like a slug

If I was a seed I would sprout and grow
I would help the earth be greened
My flowers they would bloom and I'd go to seed


If I was a tree I would reach for the sun
I'd be strong, silently
Deep would be my roots, and the earth
would hold me

If I was a bird I would fly to the sky
I would soar above the world
I would learn to sing that sweet song you've heard


[C]        [G]        [F]        [C]
If I was the breeze I would move in the leaves
As I passed through the trees
I would come and go in all that breathes

If I was the rain I would come from the clouds
I would run in a stream
Then I'd be the sea and then a cloud again


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