- Get Up and Dance ! -

"A Village Dance with Family, Friends and Neighbours"

Celebrating Life and the Gift of One's Community in a Care Free and Heartfelt Way

An evening of traditional fun, fiddling and folk dancing is a great way to laugh and make merry with your friends and neighbours. The simple moves that make up these traditional dances are demonstrated before each dance and then a "caller" announces each move as the dance progresses. Everything is explained so that anyone can participate, no previous experience or even aptitude required! Guaranteed fun and hilarity for everyone of all ages. 

Why Get Up and Dance? Throughout the ages, enduring and healthy cultures have regularly gathered for fun, frivolity, non competitive play and dancing. These are the precious times when “citizens” of all ages and status celebrate their humble commonality; when all members of "the village" have the opportunity to laugh at themselves and with each other. Beyond being great fun, these lively and spontaneous good-hearted moments of dancing together – enjoying being together without their daily burdens or responsibilities, help cleanse, strengthen and renew community. They are also of spiritual importance, with the good feelings and levity that naturally arise demonstrating a humble but subtly profound force for healing and reconciliation.

Accompanying the dances will be live music by a six piece family band playing traditional Canadian and Celtic music on violins, mandolin, accordion and guitar. The music is cheerful, up-beat and very danceable. Five homeschooled siblings and their Dad, this family band started their musical adventures in a one room dirt-floored cabin on a snowy Canadian mountain side, without electricity, TV, phone or running water. Almost 2 decades later, they are still traveling and celebrating life, music and dance together.