Greetings from Toronto!

Thanks to much kindness, hard work, and grace, we made it to Toronto for the 2018 Parliament of the World's Religions.

The Solaris Project at PoWR2018

The Parliament, or PoWR, was an amazing gathering with more than seven thousand people from all over the planet. The aim of this event is to facilitate understanding and cooperation between people of all faiths and spiritual pathways on behalf of peace, equality, ecological responsibility, women's and indigenous people's rights and other shared values.

We were booked in for four full concerts during the 7-day conference, plus a booth in the exhibit hall and performances during two of the plenary sessions. It has been a full week!

Dollies in the hallways

We seemed to spend most of the week pushing overloaded dollies of gear about the labyrinthine convention center trying to make our way from vehicle to venue to venue to vehicle.

Our very handsome new (old) tour bus was finally imported and ready to roll just two days before our engagements in Toronto started, so we changed our plans at the last moment and traveled by air.

Looking over the very handsome new tour bus.

We're now gearing up to renovate the bus and take on the world with mind-bogglingly uplifting music! :)

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