Invitational Seminars

Over the past decade, Sunship Productions has offered a range of invitational seminars at various locations around the globe. 

Sunship seminars are an immersive experience of living and working within a community of those gathered for a time of dedicated, undistracted, full-on self-discovery, service, and transformation. 

Seminars do not have a fixed program — each event occurs around the needs, capacities, and circumstances of the participants. 

Some frequently included program elements include movements, meditation, self observations and self satire, specialized theatre improv, creative arts and music, dialogues, lectures and debates.

Gourmet organic meals are shared by seminar participants and staff. Except essential communications, mobile phones, laptops, and other virtual realities are left behind during the seminar. 

Costs for food and other seminar expenses are divided among the participants. Above these basic costs, there is no required fee for seminar training. Participants may make a donation appropriate to their means and the value that they have received.

For information about upcoming seminars and participation please contact us.

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