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Celestial Sphere - Solaris
Celestial Sphere
MP3 download of the song Celestial Sphere by Solaris (Barn Studio Version recording from 2015 with harmony vocals, violin, cello and piano). Standing on Earth, this Celestial Sphere, Whirling round and round with its atmosphere. Standing, I know I am part of the flow, As we hurtle through space, The whole human race living on the face, Of this terrestrial place. Instrumental . I stand on the skin of a living sphere...

High Five - Solaris
High Five
MP3 download of the song High Five by Solaris (Bells album recording from 2015 with vocals, keyboard, guitar, ukelele, cello, bass, banjo and djembe). Hey you, Time to get into present time, Hey you, Look around and see what you find, Hey you, You've got Five P's in your hand a simple rhyme, So mix them with your, Present state of mind. Here it goes...

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