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Bells of Kindness <strong>Songbook</strong>
Bells of Kindness Songbook
Lyrics and chords to accompany Solaris's Bells of Kindness album.

Solaris <strong>Songbook</strong>
Solaris Songbook
Lyrics and chords for all 18 original Solaris songs on the 2015 Solaris album.

Merry McKentys <strong>Songbook</strong>
Merry McKentys Songbook
Sheet music for 15 Merry McKenty favourites including chords and harmony parts, plus easy to follow contra dance calls with complete illustrated instructions.

Every Piece <strong>Songbook</strong>
Every Piece Songbook
A collection of Solaris songs focused on living in right relation with the Earth.

Gathering Of Friends
Gathering Of Friends
A Fourth Way Sampler/Songbook

Along The Way
Along The Way
An up coming songbook and 3 CD collection of over 50 original songs, stories and poems gathered from the musical journals of a small group of determined and lucky travelling companions. These songs were not written for performance or public presentation but were originated as part of a multifaceted practice of self knowledge and creative spiritual journalling. Heard in this context, they offer a glimpse into each of the songwriter's inner challenges, methods and revelations.

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