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Sunship Evensong
Sunship Evensong
Endless winds, temples of light, the sunset of an ancient marriage of spirit & stone.

sunship: sharing ideas, images, music and events that encourages, educate, inspire or guide inner work. Unusually inspiring, honest and uplifting music from several genres including exuberant traditional fiddle tunes, original folk-rock, keyboard improvisations, and much in between.

listing of albums published by sunship.

sunship Productions invitational seminars are an immersive experience of living and working within a community of those gathered for a time of dedicated, undistracted, full-on self-discovery, service, and transformation.

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All Songs
Complete listing of all songs individually available on sunship.com, in the order of their realese. Includes free MP3 downloads and songs available for purchase.

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Shine On Studio Log
The sunship Studio Log

Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy for sunship.com

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Out of the Woods
Out of the Woods
Sweet and lively traditional tunes played on piano, mandolin, guitar and three fiddles.

Along The Way - Sampler
Along The Way - Sampler
Simple spirit folk songs about paradoxes, humiliations, follies, inspirations and revelations Along The Way.

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