Ships Seminary - Basic Training

Preparing for an effective “life of service”

awakenings to an effective relationship with the ineffable realities

Solar Schedule




Centre of Gravity Questions

Review of Basic Concepts: The Dilemma, The Possibilities, Study, Work on Self,
Awakening, Evolution, “Schools”, The Work, The Way(s), “The Fourth Way”

Basic Communications Course - Simple Present through Placing of Intention - 17 exercises

WOS - Intermediate course - Exercises in Presence, Primal Charge Management,
Voluntarisation of Manifestation, Voluntarisation of Mood, Voluntarisation of Posture

Meditations in Action
Movement Training - Obligatories, Rythmics, Canons & Angel Training, Walks & Processionals,
Choreographies, Essential Mnemonics and Artifacts

Character Improvisations

Cross World Studies

Type Studies

Stress Studies


Juggling, Tightrope, Unicycle

Mask Work

Clown Work

Creative Writing

Word Smithing

Work Journals

Artifactual Knowledge

Higher Mood

The Octave, The Enneagram, The Ray of Creation, Phi, The Golden Ratio

Inner Alchemy


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