Earth Update - PDF Presentation

Earth Update - PDF Presentation

A 150 page high-resolution PDF containing all updated maps, charts and data on EARTH website; use as an information-packed educational slide show, printed booklet or a set of single-page handouts.


  • The world's fossil fuel, who has it, who needs it, who consumes most of it, and approximately how long it could last
  • Climate change and greenhouse gas emissions
  • Maps of the world's terrestrial and ocean biomes
  • The extent of the world's forests
  • An overview of the world's fisheries and aquaculture
  • An overview of plastics%u2014production, pollution, waste
  • Soil, food, and the environmental impacts of agriculture and food production
  • Debt, wealth and increasing economic inequality
  • Incarceration rates, US prisoner demographics and use of police force
  • Species at risk from extinction
  • Life expectancy and disease; sanitation and waste management; access to clean drinking water
  • Weapons and military power
....and much more.

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Earth Update - PDF Presentation

PDF Presentation

PDF presentation is an educational power-tool that can be used for classroom slide shows or printed as an information-packed booklet or single-sheets educational handouts. $14.95  Add to Cart 
Earth Update - Discount 2005 Wall Chart

Discount 2005 Wall Chart

Wall chart in convenient folded format $5.95  Add to Cart 

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