Remindful app


Simple and elegant mindfulness bell & meditation timer — made by meditators for meditators.

  • Beautiful high-quality audio from real meditation bells
  • Silent, vibrate-only, stealth mode mindfullness
  • Optional repeating interval-timer bell
  • Simple ad-free interface

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Smartphone apps are not well known for increasing the quality of awareness in their owners  but this one may be an exception to the rule!

We started by recording our beautiful hand-made meditation bell, combined it with tranquil images of nature and a simple interface for setting an interval timer that would bring us back to the present throughout the day.

Although this app was originally designed as a bell to help us remember to be present  it also turned out to be very handy as a meditation timer, and even for timing turns in games of scrabble and chess. The app has also been used as a timer for observing and taking notes about our habits and state of awareness.

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