On the Way - a free tea house concert


Along The Way - a tea house concert

What can happen when determinedly asking the simplest of questions:
“Who am I?” - “Why am I here?” - “What's the point?”
without giving up on discovering the really real answers?

Life can turn upside down and inside out!
With a lot of hard work and plenty of good luck,
one might find oneself in a life style some people call
“The Path” or “The Way” or “The Work.”

“Along The Way” is an informal concert of original music,
stories and poems gathered from the musical journals
of a small group of determined and lucky travelling companions.

Originally, these songs were not intended for performance,
but were improvised as part of a practice of self knowledge
and spiritual “journalling”. But as some of them happened
to be both listenable and even encouraging of such efforts
the authors agreed to risk exposure to discerning opinion.

No claims about exalted teachings in this program –
just simple songs about persistence, daily efforts, trials, and triumphs.
Rustic, acoustic and still largely improvised, it is offered
not so much as entertainment, but as amusement and encouragement
for other travellers “Along The Way”

So if you've asked such questions, discovered any answers or
just appreciate the challenge, paradox and joys of such things
c'mon over for an evening of songs “Along The Way.”


September 24 2010 - Gorge Hall, Cortes Island BC Canada.

October 2 2010 - Mahon Hall, Saltspring Island BC Canada.

October 8 2010 - The Roxy, Gabriola Island BC Canada.

August 8 2011 - Ecolonie, Vosges France.

September 2 2011 - Findhorn Community Centre, Findhorn Scotland.



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