Awakeneers Awakeneers
Timeless contemporary folk music.    More Info >>>

Bells of Kindness Bells of Kindness
Covering a range of genres from meditative folk-ballads to hip-hop, Bells of Kindness is the first full length Solaris studio album. With a solid and unique folk-rock sound, the album puts powerful vocal harmonies behind lyrics that are insightful, healing, courageous, and quite often funny.    More Info >>>

Solaris Solaris
18 Solaris Project recordings from the studio and stage.    More Info >>>

Out of the Woods Out of the Woods
Sweet and lively traditional tunes played on piano, mandolin, guitar and three fiddles.    More Info >>>

Along The Way - Sampler Along The Way - Sampler
Simple spirit folk songs about paradoxes, humiliations, follies, inspirations and revelations Along The Way.    More Info >>>

A Very Merry Contra Dance A Very Merry Contra Dance
What happens when you put together some hoppin' acoustic music, a few simple, elegant and lively dances, and eighty-odd friends and neighbours on a cold, rainy day in November? Pop this CD into your player to find out!     More Info >>>

Sunship Evensong Sunship Evensong
Endless winds, temples of light, the sunset of an ancient marriage of spirit & stone.    More Info >>>

In Stillness In Stillness
Deep ocean - deep stillness    More Info >>>

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